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Physiotherapist to Designer
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"I see the beginning and the end on the clothes line, in the direction the tendon moves against the bone"
While working as a physiotherapist for 10 years at a hospital, I made works.
There is a line of clothes that has only been seen by me in doing so.
I have a line of clothes that I can see there.
It is a line that comes from the composition of the body. When I connect the beginning and end of the muscle with a line, the line floats up. Just as a painter learns the movement of muscles in order to draw the human body, seeing the lines of muscles and tendons brings up the lines of mohikanpochette's own clothes.
"Muscle and tendon" for moving various bones centering on the spine is made of a truly multi-layered structure. The "muscle and tendon" lines appear mainly in the longitudinal direction. According to it, sometimes we use drape, and sometimes we respond with a cut line of cloth.
Using a medium of cloth, I draw human body drawings repeatedly and add decoration to enhance this work. Cloth is similar to paper, charcoal and pencils used by painters for drawing, and given the role of paints, it is used as a medium for expressing the "muscle and tendon" lines.
The work does not take a pattern, it is completely original and there is only one in the world. In the production origin and process of clothes, we distinguish it from the ordinary fashion design. A line derived from the human body is completed as a single piece of clothing, regardless of fashion or the “clothing line” usually used in fashion terms.
In order to make the line a real clothes, draping is essential. I use a lot of freehand cutting in pursuit of the line only visible to me. 
The finished clothes are unique to mohikanpochette, both line and sewing. 
I also acquired the sewing technology required to pursue the line by myself. 
It is also important to experience the work when various women wear it. 
Depending on the attitude and the body of the women, the source of inspiration comes from the surprise and freshness when the appearance of the work looks like a different wind. A new line emerges from the habits and environments in which women have lived and the unique form formed by various factors. Touching the innumerable lines of the number of females means that there are innumerable sources of images.
There is only one piece of mohikanpochette clothes in the world. The same person does not exist either. That is the same reason. The theme of mohikanpochette is that clothes and people are "one and only in the world".